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Ellipse Jersey.

Web Design & Development



Ellipse Cosmetic Skin Clinic already had a strong brand and positioning within the market, they were let down only by their existing website which was designed a long time ago and was full of broken links and outdated images. We wanted to modernise it and freshen it up with stunning images and simple navigation.



Our brief was to take the existing content and frame work and build on it to bring it up to date. Ellipse offer a lot of treatments and products and wanted to include everything they do with the necessary information without bombarding people with pages of text. They also wanted to increase the amount of appointments that were being made, which in turn would boost product sales.



Using a combination of stock footage and our own photography, we sourced some crisp, clean and evocative visuals for Ellipse which we felt best strengthened their online persona. By utilising a clearly titled accordion of information for each service, the user could cherry pick detailed and relevant data instead of hacking their way through endless pages of text. This compelling visual facade served well to draw in the user and a snappier interface meant an uncluttered and cleaner website. By adding a clear 'call to action' at every stage we were able to boost appointments.