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People Performance Consulting

Web Design & Development



When PPC initially approached us for a re- skin of a basic Wordpress site, they were obviously struggling to match their business identity with their online avatar. The most recent incarnation of their site having only gone live just one year previous; they were clearly frustrated at the relative impotence of its impact. Soon after our first meeting, it became clear to both parties that PPC needed functionality that far exceeded the capabilities of a basic Wordpress site and would have cost a fortune to achieve if they insisted on persevering with that CMS. A rebuild was needed and we quickly decided that a new domain name was equally important in order to move away from an untrusted and already undesirable suffix.



We were tasked with creating a website whose simplicity and ease of navigation slickly transferred the company’s ethos of no nonsense business into a user-friendly interface. To their credit they asked for a website which showed, quite simply, the core services of PPC. Our job was to exceed expectations within those principal rudiments. Creating clarity within that lucidity was of utmost importance to the client, especially considering what a unique service they, themselves offer.



Once bitten, twice shy - we decided together that PPC couldn’t afford to get caught behind again. Their site needed to possess an innate flexibility; an ability to update and reflect the sheer pace of the modern business world. We set about creating a platform that could expand into new areas, reflective of that very marketplace - a place where more intricate and custom functionality would need to be integrated. Using a boxed layout which could easily scale for mobile devices - without surrendering any of its best design features - we created an instantly eye-catching format for the content. Now they have a site where each service is boldly identified in its own place before the page fold. The result is effective and aesthetically sound.