Digital Marketing & SEO

By Chris Franco

Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

03 Jan, 2020, Chris Franco

Tip 1 - Create more Authentic Social Media Content

More authentic content is better for everyone and personally I think it makes consuming and understanding a brand's content a more enjoyable experience. Brands that come across more genuine and show their products in a no-nonsense way, resonates far more with me than a highly curated and edited image with a short description in the posts copy.

Wellness and mental health are hot topics in 2020 and the social media giants are having to take notice of the types of content that are to be shared across their platforms.

Prediction 1 - Businesses will post more often on our favorite image platform, Instagram. New ways for consumers to engage on social media channels will increase opportunities for businesses to thrive with social media marketing.

2019 Was The Year Of The ‘No-Edit’ Edit

In 2020 we are expecting to see more unedited content on Instagram with platforms such as Tik Tok leading the way with more authentic content from creators.

Local underwear brand, HiddenBeneath Underwear is big on bringing real and barely edited content to its followers. The brand regularly posts it's customers' images on their feed which all seamlessly follow the unedited trend.

Barely edited images from Hidden Beneath & great use of user-generated content.

Global brand Mr Porter is doing very similar, using some earthy tones to for the look and feel of their insta page and authentic images.

Treat your Instagram grid, like your new website homepage. The goal of your well organised and styled grid should lead to more follows

No Likes? No Problem!

In a world of A/B and MultiVariate testing websites and apps by developers and digital marketers (using tools like Google Optimize), many users may see the disappearance of the Like ✅counter on Instagram. This is already being tested and countries like Canada and Australia haven’t had public like counts in months. Here is the most up to date list of countries where Instagram is known to be testing the removal of the like counter on some profiles.

✅ Australia ✅ Brazil ✅ Canada ✅ Ireland ✅ Italy ✅ Japan ✅ New Zealand

The below Tweet from Instagram touches on the reasons behind the change which may more specifically be to do with mental health concerns, particularly in teenagers.

Instagram has already removed publicly viewable likes in many countries.

Tip 2: Make use of Structured Data - Google Eats Your Websites Structured Data for Breakfast

Prediction 2. Your personal voice assistant is going to have a busy 2020!

According to Manual Roman, Head of Consumer Marketing at Google Spain, by the end of 2021 there will be more than 1.6 Billion people who use their voice assistant on a regular basis.

Google recently updated their documentation for speakable structured data that you can read about here.

Optimising your content for voice assistants is already in the minds of many digital marketers and in 2020 we think there will be further optimisation for this emerging search tool. Search behaviours will need to change and the hurdle of many voice assistants not having a visual interface will need to be addressed.

Voice Assistants will be called upon to do much more than just set timers, or remind us of up and coming appointments. It may be further away than the end of this year but we believe these virtual assistants will be able to respond to our emotional needs by pre empting what we might be looking for in the near future.

As voice search grows in popularity, advertising agencies and marketers such as myself expect Google will open their platforms to additional forms of paid messages with the ability for brands and businesses to place ads directly on people's voice assistants.

The current Google Home device is able to support up to 6 separate voices. With that in mind, many digital marketers and SEO’s alike will soon be employing their very own mobile voice marketing strategies.

Tip 3: Explore more ad networks in 2020

Google Ads are a great way to convert people searching for your product or service at the time they are looking for it

Prediction 3. Ad networks will enforce more automation (wherever & whenever they can).

Smart People and Smart Machines = A Better Ad Experience (Hopefully!)

Could you be getting more bang for your buck utilising a bunch of ad networks together?

The future of digital marketing will involve smart people working together with smart machines that rely on huge data and knowledge of us and our behaviours online. Let's face it, we're pretty much there already but this will only become more prevalent in 2020.

More Text for Google Search Ads

Google Ads still provides a great solution for any new, high competition business that would otherwise struggle to hit the top pages organically. This coupled with ever larger search adverts make this online advertising platform something to seriously consider in 2020.

During 2019 Google Ads introduced expanded text ads to everyone which allows advertisers to include up to three 30 character headlines and two 90 character descriptions. These along with all the ad extensions mean less and less space in the above the fold content for organic results.