Do you need to upgrade to Google Analytics 4?

The current version of Google (Universal) Analytics will stop processing new data by the end of June 2023. If you don’t want to lose your data continuity and possibility of year-over-year comparison, setup of new GA4 and early adoption of the product is inevitable. Google Analytics 4 can give you insights about effectiveness of your online marketing activities and behaviour of your customers on your website.

If you have a Universal Analytics property, you must migrate. Check if you have a Universal Analytics property. The earlier you migrate, the more historical data and insights you will have in Google Analytics 4.

Start using Google Analytics 4 today to get a complete view of consumer behaviour across web and app by using first-party, modeled data. Improved machine learning features, actionable reporting, and new integrations help you adapt to an evolving privacy and technology landscape to keep getting the insights you rely on.
To give you a quick run down, there have been 3 iterations that have come before.

Google Analytics 1 - Standard Google Analytics - ga.js

Google Analytics 2
- Universal Analytics - analytics.js

Google Analytics 3
- gtag.js

The brand new GA4 implementation docs are out there but what is everyone saying about this new analytics tool from Google?

We are excited about the changes but also concerned about how the switch will go for many businesses. Sustaining a prior year look back window is achievable if you get GA4 in place now, especially if the data from Universal Analytics is of the utmost importance for many, however, others will not be aware of the impending changes and miss the deadline.

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