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iPOP Digital were approached by Biolife to create a new brand, website and marketing and roadshow event material. BioLife digitises assets and handles private records for patients, investors and owners of global biomedical resources.

We created a fresh brand that is aligned to their business goals & developed a new website in Craft CMS from the ground up. All the documentation and presentations you see on the website and at conferences around the 🌏 were also designed in-house by the iPOP creative team.

The beauty of using Craft CMS for this project meant we were able to use localisation to target specific languages. The current website has a Chinese version so we can present the Chinese version to that locale. We also have plans to create the website in French as the project progresses.

We are also using structured data on all pages of the website to ensure that search engines like Google are able to understand the context of the on page content. All best SEO practices are in place for this multilingual site.

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