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Yacht Fun

Luxury Sea Toy Rental

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Web development: iPOP
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Jonathan, the founder of Yacht Fun, is also a Yacht owner which he charters in Mallorca. In 2021, one of his guests asked to hire a Sea Bob and he found it was almost impossible to find one due to limited quantities. After looking around the island for a suitable supplier he could use next time, he found that there were various rental companies but none of them had a range of toys and they had limited stock. Jonathan decided to fill this gap in the market and open Yacht Fun, a professional sea toy rental company.

Yacht Fun's content had to be fun and upbeat, so we took that into consideration when designing their website; blues to resemble the sea and lots of visuals of the toys on offer.

Not only did we redesign Yacht Fun's website, but we also designed stationary, banners, flags and more.