Search Engine Optimisation

Modern SEO practices

Our Approach

Search Engine Optimisation

Using our preferred CMS combined with our handpicked suite of tools we can deliver world class SEO ensuring your most important search phrases are hitting the top spots in Google’s search results pages. Customers trust a business who’s websites is at the top of Google’s search results! Drive more traffic improving your leads and sales. Offer additional information to your customers

Our Approach:

Audit - Before we start developing an SEO strategy, we’ll carry out a comprehensive audit of your site functionality, structure, your on page content, your competitors and the keywords that you currently have the ability to rank for using our bespoke suite of SEO tools. Content - We’ll get started on an on-page & off-page plan for the content that feeds the search engine’s ability to rank your web pages, we will aim to increase your authority at both a page and domain level all the while improving your business reputation online and providing value to you as a business. Technical Bits - Once we’re through the first two steps and have optimised your on and off page content we will revisit your site audit and make comparisons to the benchmarks we had previously set.