Social Media Management

Stand Out In A crowded Social Space

Organic Social Media Posts

Stand Out In A Crowded Social Space

Social media is such an important part of your brands identity and can act as a soapbox for your business. Shout your message from the digital rooftops and make it heard (or seen) by the right audience.

We always try and encourage businesses to manage their own organic social media but we know that this isn’t always possible. IPOP manager various client organic social with up to the minute social tools like Sprout Social which not only provides a fantastic platform for scheduling posts across all your social channel but also provides a robust and accurate reporting facility that we love and would be happy to show you.

Paid Social

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Facebook has a very clear prerogative to keep users on their platform when it comes to organic social media posts. This means fewer people will see your posts if you include external links (especially if you do this a lot).

But, sometimes this can be a benefit to you and your business, right? This is where paid social advertising comes in. The capabilities of the social media giants targeting methods are impressive, to say the least.

Working with our designers we create image, video and advertising with a difference so you can stand out in a crowded social space.