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CX Customer Journey

Web design: iPOP
Web development: iPOP
Image treatment:

Cemantica are an innovative end-to-end Customer Journey Management Platform leveraging CX best practice to empower you to achieve your business transformation goals, from strategy to execution.

They help organisations gain a better, deeper understanding of customer needs and expectations, turning those insights into profitable opportunities to improve customer experiences through the entire relationship lifecycle.

Working together on a combination of web design, web development and image treatment, we went above and beyond to deliver Cemantica the content they needed.

The designs for Cemantica, specifically the lines which flow throughout the images, tie the company together with the customer. Cemantica commissioned 30-40 images each, depicting the same design but in different scenarios.

IG Cemantica Brand launch 3
IG Cemantica Brand launch 1
IG Cemantica Brand launch 4

iPOP expanded on the original Cemantica logo, giving their Brand the refresher it needed.