Why iPOP uses Craft CMS

At iPOP we develop the majority of our websites using Craft CMS. In 2016 we were looking for a CMS platform that wouldn’t restrict any of our designs and a CMS that we were confident our clients would enjoy using. Craft is designed specifically to be flexible enough to manage all types of content without a lot of hassle.

Custom web design and development

Building our websites in Craft CMS means we have no limitations with regard to design or development. We build the blocks for your content managers to use.

Key features - Live preview

Preview content while you make changes in live view. This feature means our clients can view the admin panel and the website in the browser side by side, making it easier to edit content. You can also generate shareable URLs so others can view the entry as it would appear on the page before publishing it.

Key features - Image editor

Craft’s image editing tool means you can crop, rotate, flip or straighten your photos from the control panel. The focal point is a handy tool, you can set what part of the image is always in view for your responsive design.

Key features - Multi-site

Craft CMS handles multilingual or multi-sites easily from one Craft login panel. iPOP used this for features on a number of websites; MasonBreese has different jurisdictions with the same structure but can tailor their messaging for different locales.

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