Creative Design


Private wealth, fund & corporate administration

Brand: Switch
Marketing assets: iPOP

Highvern is an award-winning provider of private wealth, fund, and corporate administration services. They are fully independent and owner-managed with over 50 years heritage, renowned for their integrity, discretion and responsibility. They are dedicated to promoting sustainability and recognise that each person has a vital role to play in preserving the planet’s future.

The use of a turtle in this graphic pays homage to Cayman Islands, the branch of Highvern that this image advertises. This image was rolled out on their webpage and has been used in their brochures and other advertising.

This pre-existing PowerPoint presentation was redesigned by our graphic designers.

iPOP has completed about 10 brochures for Highvern while we've been working with them. From confidentiality statements to overviews of their services, we've done it all.

We knew that the Highvern candle had to use the iconic yellow and black design along with featuring something new.