Are you making the most of your marketing spend?

As a digital marketing agency in Jersey we often take on clients that have existing digital campaigns across multiple advertising platforms but don’t know what their advertising budget is.

If that sounds familiar then how can you really know if you are measuring the effectiveness of your marketing spend? Google Analytics and other data gathering and analysing tools can help you understand your visitors, where they come from, how they use your website or app and which ones are likely to purchase your products or enquire about your services.

We approach digital marketing campaigns in a cycle of campaign planning, delivery, data gathering & analysis and feeding the analysis into making iterative changes based on what we learn.

Audit of your existing analytics

We begin by offering an audit of your existing analytics implementation and configuration to ensure that the clarity, quality and accuracy of the data is in-line with best practice.


We set up key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure business and campaign success and outlining benchmarks for moving forward. Sometimes there is work to be done internally on the client’s side to record the converted enquiries. When your website does not allow users to purchase a product or service directly on the website then we can effectively report on the enquiries that you are getting from your website and where those users are finding out about your business. This can be really useful information that can inform your marketing planning and budgeting.

Digital Strategy

Our implementation strategy includes advice on what dimensions and metrics to track and what is required to capture such data.

We work strategies for clients across digital and traditional platforms and are happy to collaborate with you on campaign ideas and advise on delivery strategies.

We are often called upon to assist with new brand launches on both digital and traditional media.

Tracking Scripts

We implement analytics tracking scripts to ensure that all captured data is in-line with the pre-implementation audit and measurement plan.

Note: If we’re moving you across to GA4 this may also need to include migration of your custom events, goals & conversions, migrating audiences, ecommece measurement and users.


Periodic reporting – analysis of data to discover actionable insights in user behaviour, conversion rate performance, paid media campaign ROI and website performance optimisation.

We routinely use Google Datastudio to build beautiful and easy to read reports for clients. If you need help understanding your analytics data then we may be able to provide a simple solution.


Iterative changes – recommendations that are designed, developed and implemented to drive greater business results.

Our team here at iPOP offers innovative website analytics services from our office in Jersey.

As experienced Google Analytics consultants our aim is to give our clients insight into the most up-to-date tools and technology, ensuring they’re a step ahead of their competitors.

Make the Switch to Google Analytics 4

All existing standard analytics properties will stop processing new data hits on the 1st July 2023, so you still have a little bit of time.

If you are having issues moving over to this new analytics version and think you are missing out, or want to mitigate the risk of losing out on business data then please reach out and let’s start a project together.

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